Personal exhibition of paintings by NINA IVANOVA

In association with the charity foundation
«Under the flag of Kindness»

Moscow, Kudrinskaya square, 1, block «Г»

The exhibition is organized in association with the charity foundation «Under the Flag of Kindness». All works will be sold via auction. All founds derived from the auction will be donated to treat children with complex deceases from poor families.

«Quite often I ask myself what my life would be like if the destiny did not take me from my hometown Saint-Petersburg to the piedmont of the Khibiny Mountains, to Imandra lakeside and the riversides of the Belaya and the Zhemchuzhnaya rivers?» said Nina Ivanova, starting the story about her way to fine arts.

It is common knowledge that one’s personal characteristics are developed during childhood not only under parents or friends influence. The main factors are environment and place, where a person has been raised.

Well, Nina was incredibly lucky! When she was a little girl, Nina had admirable experience seeing landscapes of the Khibiny mountains and still waters of north lake, the pearl of the Kola Peninsula, Imandra. «This town is renowned for its beautiful nature, snow-covered fields, grandeur of mountains and the unique Northern Lights that stay in your heart forever. There surely will be the day when I picture it in one of my works!» Nina describes Apatity, where she spent a significant part of her childhood.

Once upon a time, during her early childhood years, Nina visited «The Stone Flower» fair. Every year this event unites craftsmen from all around Russia in Apatity. The abundance of craftwork was absolutely breathtaking. There was everything, from stone- and wood-crafts to bead pictures. Despite that, paintings interested Nina the most. Looking at visual works of different artists, Nina realized how great is variety of artists’ views even on the same landscape. «How would I paint it?» she thought. Probably, this childhood memory became a reason why she decided to choose a brush and paints.

«For the first time I have taken a paintbrush in my hand a bit more than a year ago at the drawing courses. Before this time I had been trying to find my true purpose in creative work and going through different interests. Art and creativity always interested me. Since my early days. When I was a child, I even attended design hobby group. We created all kinds of handcrafted items there. It worth saying that I was not bad at it. To paint on canvas always seemed as a magic action. It attracted and repelled me at the same time» Nina shares her memories.

In spite of north nature’s beauty, Nina’s “small motherland” Saint-Petersburg always called her back. Aspiration was so strong that she was enrolled to the Saint-Petersburg University of Management and Economics at the age of 16. At her point of view, we might call it a small, “creative” mistake. «Now, when a big part of my life is dedicated to art, I understand that it would be much better if I have spent a year preparing and trying to enroll to a higher education institution in fine arts» she says. Nevertheless, Nina is not one of those people who do things by halves. She transferred to extramural education at the University and left gloomy Petersburg for Moscow. Her goal was to get into one of the best Moscow’s higher education establishment in arts.

In Moscow Nina started to take fine art classes with a professional tutor. She was spending all of her leisure time at exhibitions and museums. Moscow gave her a chance to discover a new way of seeing world around and broaden her horizons. Thanks to her talent and incredible eagerness, Nina achieved some level of excellence already after a year. So, she started to give master-classes for beginners in pictorial art trying to turn those who interested to fine arts.

Enjoying Moscow’s pace of life, Nina continued to master and explore a lot of new sports. «Moscow is all about active lifestyle which I quite like. I do a lot of different sports and master each of them with ease. No matter what it is – my favorite snowboard and skies or the new one - kitesurfing. I also play tennis and beach volleyball with pleasure».

Nina has a lot more hobbies apart from pictorial art and sport. «I study piano and incredibly happy about it. I love animals. Important part of my life is traveling. I visit art galleries during all of my trips».

As it often happens with emerging painters, Nina started by turning to the great painters masterworks. During her visits to museums and art galleries worldwide, she was inspired to create a drawings series of impressionists’ masterpieces copies.

In the future, there are new horizons of Nina’s personal development and creativity. She plans to open an art school for beginners. The new chapter of Nina’s art is coming. It will be a series of works, that will mirror her vision of the world, emotions and feelings. And even now we realize that the world of fine arts has been enriched with bright and talented artist.


Copy. Vincent van Gogh. Starry night over the Rhone. January, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

The eternalized Great Bear guards still waters of the river covered by the golden paths. The game of shadows and starry lights is frozen and nutants over the figures of lovers. Charming aquamarine night it is…

Copy. Vincent van Gogh. The starry night. January, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

The sky that artist depicted right from his own mind is full of mystery of life. He tries to tell us about the limitless power of our imagination, which might create more alluring and charming nature than in a real world. The winded luminaries, full of cosmic harmony, are dancing at the buttom of the Moon. The dark-blue abyss, covering a small french town, and trees, dancing their night dance, are in equilibrium.

Copy. Vincent van Gogh. A Wheat field with Cypresses. May, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

Van Gogh’s magic! When you look at his paintings, everything seems alive. The clouds are moving like a cotton candy. The green spurts of flame are reaching to the sky and dancing… The sea of grains, as home-sick nostalgia, is trembling and playing contrasts with skies… It is rave of color and harmony pouring through the picture!

Copy. Claude Monet. The Cliff, Etretat, Sunset. April, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

Sea waves - perpetual workers, carve their natural masterpieces every second during millenniums. One of them is the gloomy rocky arc where the sun is set in purple haze and ready to sink into a peaceful sea slick. Inviting farmstead in sunset light is a mine of inspiration.

Copy. Claude Monet. Sailboat At Le Petit Gennevilliers. June, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

This drawing gathered all freshness of the first impression from a instantaneous moment of the summer seen by Monet. The artist showed lightness and happiness of the warm season, using flecks, play of light and colors. Looking at the pure-white sail, that is dancing on a smooth surface of the river, one will unconsciously remember M. Lermontov’s lines …

Copy. Claude Monet. Woman with a Parasol. February, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

The favorite maestro’s muse, light and airy! As if her weightless figure was floating above the earth. The technique of paintbrush strokes is so dynamic that it seems that wind is strolling at the picture. When you slide your glance at the pictured sky, you are caught in a leapfrog game started by blue and white paints. As clouds are in a headlong stream. Deep breath is desired!

Copy. Jean-Marc Janiaczyk. Sailboat in the cove of Sormiou. May, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

This is a small corner of heaven on earth. It seems that if you try to listen to this wild nature, you will hear sound of waves that split upon rocks, circling the bay. As a white swan, the sailboat stands still on sea aquamarine.

Copy. Jean-Marc Janiaczyk. Shed and lavenders. May, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

This picture brings us back to summer days, under the blistering july sun! Tidily brushed fragrant bushes of lavender are blooming in sunlight. The abandoned and faded hut, pictured right in the middle, brings us back to reality. Trees are flashing like a signal-lights…

Copy. Cote d'-Azur. September, 2015. 30x40. Oil, canvas.

This corner of the earth looks like it was brought from colorful retrospectives… Water of beautiful color is mesmerizing. It is like a jewell that gleams under sunlight… White yachts are scattered, like a pearl placer, on azure water expanse… The waters from these parts are a source of inspiration for many and many imaginative natures. It was pictured in music, paintings and films.

Copy. Gustav Klimt. The kiss. December, 2015. 40x60. Oil, canvas.

Longer than eternity, shorter than a moment…

Standing at the edge of the cliff, these two, seems, are standing at the edge of the universe… the man and the woman, as a whole, have merged together. The creator divided them only by the ornament of garments. Woman’s are like covered with flowers. Man’s have sharper forms and austere colors. The man tenderly holds in his hands gentle and tame figure of the woman. It seems these lovers are the only in the world…

Copy. Gustav Klimt. Water serpents. August, 2016. 40x60. Oil, canvas.

Oh, maids, charming with their beauty and caring to the world of fantasies and carnal delights. The name is screaming that appearances are deceptive! Outside they are magnificent nymphs, but icy beasts, bringing death, are from the inside. They are sea furies with heads of fair hair, twisted with waterweeds. Historian S. Soloviev named them “Rusalka” meaning “with fair (russie) hair”…

Copy. Oskar Kokoschka. Landscape in the Dolomites. March, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

At the piedmont of majestic mountains, the pine forest lies together with leafy trees. The moon is resting in the sapphire sky. Nature seems covered with a mother of pearl slick because of moon’s light. The malachite meadow gratefully gives to a new-coming guest its lush grass. Precious charming fairy tale…

Copy. Edvard Munch. The scream. April, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

One of the most mysterious and famous painted masterpieces brings soul-chilling terror! The faceless figure concentrated a peak of despair, sorrow and pain, as if by covering his ears, he tries to run from happening and himself. Tension has deformed space. Everything is deepened in blood-red chaos. The tragic story is darken by indifference of two walking figures at the back. Everything happening is at the edge of madness…

Copy. Max Pechstein. Irises in evening shadows. April, 2016. 40x50. Oil, canvas.

The painting of irises is wonderful in its colors and mood. In the Ancient Greece the flower was named after goddess Iris who was the messenger of gods and came down to earth via rainbow. Colorful flowers seem resting in magic emerald-green haze.

Copy. Edgar Degas. Dancers in blue. March, 2016. 40x50. Pastel, paper.

The ballet scene that brings us to the world of grace and beauty. The painter opens the world of theater backstage a little. We catch fragile figures of young ballerinas at the last preparation moment before they are ready to go to the stage. Likewise shining cornflowers, they are making finishing touches, checking their stage attire, tiding hair… final ritual… Curtains!

Copy. Ivan Aivazovsky. Storm in the North Sea. October, 2015. 30x40. Oil, canvas.

There is a familiar motif for a marine art painter Aivazovsky: close down darkness of the night and the lonely ship fighting the waves. The moon is looking out the clouds, seems like the only source of light and life. It helps the ship to escape from sea bonds. Under the moon’s light, thunder clouds loosing their power and becoming a damp haze. The ship, like an arrow, is braking away from black womb of the thunderstorm. Now it is all over! Travelers will continue their journey…

Copy. Tuscany. September, 2015. 30x40. Oil, canvas.

What a beautiful place, soul of Italy! It is the cradle of the Renaissance epoch. One may come here as a guest, creator, sculptor, but not as a user or owner. Beautiful nature of Tuscany! Italian forests, rosemary and cypresses… Small houses are scattered over green, sunlit hills.

Copy. At the bottom of the mountains in Innsbruck. October, 2015. 30x40. Oil, canvas.

The painting brings us to Innsbruck. We are at the piedmont of the Alps now. The small village lays down at the bottom of these mysterious mountains.


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